Will Tile App Work For My Cat? I tried TILE app on my cat!

Tired of losing your cat?

If you own a cat or have ever been around a cat you know they frequently disappear, even in plain site. Unless you have been living in a doomsday bunker, you have probably heard about the tile app accompanied by the tile square device. In my attempt to find a usable pet locator, I kept coming across the same issue. Pet locator GPS units are either expensive, impractical, huge or all three. A lot of GPS units have to be charged every few days, have monthly fees, or require a paid GSM sim card. The size and weight of the current GPS units on a cat is borderline abusive. During my search for a cat locating device I considered the Tile App. Will Tile App Work For My Cat? I couldn’t find any definite answers, and for $25, well why not try it? Worst case scenario I use it for my keys or scream into a pillow every time I can’t find my precious boogie (Name of my cat). tile keys

Will Tile App Work For My Cat?

The simple answer is yes, confidently if you are more or less within 30 feet.  However, it can work a little further depending on the environment. I sometimes lose my cat behind a pillow, an armoire, and often under a bush. Now, this is not a GPS tracker, it works with bluetooth so it will only be effective if you are nearby. If your cat has run away and is far away, you will not find him or her unless you walk over to the area they are in. It will help with the search but you have to make a strong effort, depending on where your cat. Tile does have a feature where you put an alert out that your cat (tile) is lost, other people that have the app can be notified to help find you precious cat or whatever your tile is fastened to. For $25, it can save you a moment of stress or minor freak out.
Will Tile App Work For My Cat?

Click here to see the TILE on amazon. It’s only $25!

How it works.

Just put the device on a keychain ring, stick on your cats collar and sync the app to it. Now whenever your cat is within bluetooth distance or when you get near your cat, you can click find and it will make a futuristic computer sound that comes out of the tile. Follow sound to find your cat! It’s pretty simple.  
Will Tile App Work For My Cat?

Tile App On A Cat



Works great for finding your cat in a close vicinity. Perhaps in the future there will be a large enough network to track anything in a populated area. Check us out on socials, https://www.facebook.com/RightMeowMarketing https://twitter.com/Cats_On_Things https://instagram.com/cats_on_things/ http://cats-on-things.tumblr.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/catsonthings/ linkedin.com/in/catsonthings http://cats-on-things.tumblr.com/

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