Cats On Buzzfeed, Silly Cat Memes And Cat Pictures

Cats On Buzzfeed

If you have come to this blog, you know that cats are the most incredible creatures on earth. They can sit on your lap and purr until they drool all over you. They are always weary of closed doors and then become indifferent when you open it for them. And when you’re real sad, they’re are there to make you giggle on the inside. Lately it seems that Buzzfeed (, has taken market corner on silly cat pictures. We all love Cats On Buzzfeed because every buzzfeed article has several cats doing similar things, and those things are almost always hilarious. If you love cats on buzzfeed articles, you will love our tumblr! – We update our tumblr once to twice a day with beautiful cats, funny cats, cats that make you lol, and cats just being strange little creatures.

 Winter is coming: Cat in winter clothing!

Cats On Buzzfeed

Cat in winter clothing sitting on a mound of snow.

This particular cat is dressed to impress some snow friends. Although his friends have no shown up yet, they will be there eventually, when he makes them. If you look closely the cat is not moving in order to fully enjoy his protected outdoor snow experience. Im pretty sure this cat will be one of the more popular cat images in November, when everyone starts complaining about the cold.
Cats On Buzzfeed

This cat decided to take a nap in the bbq. Its a great place if you have the same logic as a cat.

  If you have every owned a cat or hung out with someone who has owned a cat, you would know that cats will sleep anywhere they please because cat inherently do whatever the F- they want, when they want.
Cats on buzzfeed cookie

Cat In A Cookie Container Clawing

This cat has instructed itself to become an almond cookie, or several almond cookies. In a lapse to realize that he was suppose to be a cookie, he went with his instincts to friendly claw his human. It is unknown if this human realizes these almond cookies are indeed a cat. He should definitely bring this cat the cheese, milk, and tuna she deserves.   Feel free to follow us on instagram, twitter, tumblr and facebook.  

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