Cats On A Raw Food Diet. Should your cat be on a raw food diet?

Cats On A Raw Food Diet

I can eat this whole thing

Cats On A Raw Food Diet – Should your cat be on a raw food diet?

As many people know, cats are carnivorous beings that have a instinct to prey on smaller creatures like mice, birds and fish. Cats need to be fed or hunt fresh food, food that hasn’t ripened as they do no have the means to digest and properly metabolize these foods. Cats have the natural ability to find these using their discerning sense of smell and taste.  Cats On A Raw Food Diet Learn more at 
Cats On A Raw Food Diet

Cats stalking live mice as raw food

 Benefits of feeding a cats a raw food diet.

When feeding a cat for a raw diet helps them to get high levels of taurine. Cats require a lot of taurine because they are unable to create it from methoinine and cysteine. Taurine is an organic acid that is commonly found in animal tissue. Taurine helps with digestion and cardiovascular function. cat-raw-food  

How to feed your cat a raw food diet?

Many people recommend moving the raw cat food from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before. Then about fifteen minutes before feeding, put the bagged raw food in a bowl of warm water. Be careful as some cats will just go into the sink and rip your zip lock bag apart to get their breakfast.


For kittens, it is recommended to feed them several small portions throughout the day. For a full grown cat, they can be fed once or twice a day, depends on your cat’s demands.

How to switch from a normal diet to a raw food diet.

Kittens are relatively easy to switch over since they have had less time to gain stubbornness. At first it is good to start with boneless meat, perhaps chicken breast. Eventually introduce bones and then delicious organ meat. Adult/Older cats are going to be more difficult to switch over from commercial food. If you put food out and let your cat eat it as he or she pleases, then you must break this habit first. Feed your cat twice a day and only leave the food out for 15 minutes at each time. Once they are on a  regular schedule, you can introduce the raw food. Start with a few little bits of raw chicken in their normal food. Slowly phase out the old food unless your cat is just too evolved for raw food. Remember! Bones are necessary in a raw food diet so make sure they are eating enough bones.   Put any picture on a iPhone case or anything else!
Cats On A Raw Food Diet

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