Cats On A Raw Food Diet. Should your cat be on a raw food diet?

Cats On A Raw Food Diet

I can eat this whole thing

Cats On A Raw Food Diet – Should your cat be on a raw food diet?

As many people know, cats are carnivorous beings that have a instinct to prey on smaller creatures like mice, birds and fish. Cats need to be fed or hunt fresh food, food that hasn’t ripened as they do no have the means to digest and properly metabolize these foods. Cats have the natural ability to find these using their discerning sense of smell and taste.  Cats On A Raw Food Diet Learn more at 
Cats On A Raw Food Diet

Cats stalking live mice as raw food

 Benefits of feeding a cats a raw food diet.

When feeding a cat for a raw diet helps them to get high levels of taurine. Cats require a lot of taurine because they are unable to create it from methoinine and cysteine. Taurine is an organic acid that is commonly found in animal tissue. Taurine helps with digestion and cardiovascular function. cat-raw-food  

How to feed your cat a raw food diet?

Many people recommend moving the raw cat food from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before. Then about fifteen minutes before feeding, put the bagged raw food in a bowl of warm water. Be careful as some cats will just go into the sink and rip your zip lock bag apart to get their breakfast.


For kittens, it is recommended to feed them several small portions throughout the day. For a full grown cat, they can be fed once or twice a day, depends on your cat’s demands.

How to switch from a normal diet to a raw food diet.

Kittens are relatively easy to switch over since they have had less time to gain stubbornness. At first it is good to start with boneless meat, perhaps chicken breast. Eventually introduce bones and then delicious organ meat. Adult/Older cats are going to be more difficult to switch over from commercial food. If you put food out and let your cat eat it as he or she pleases, then you must break this habit first. Feed your cat twice a day and only leave the food out for 15 minutes at each time. Once they are on a  regular schedule, you can introduce the raw food. Start with a few little bits of raw chicken in their normal food. Slowly phase out the old food unless your cat is just too evolved for raw food. Remember! Bones are necessary in a raw food diet so make sure they are eating enough bones.   Put any picture on a iPhone case or anything else!
Cats On A Raw Food Diet

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Cats On Glass Tables, Picture Of Cats On Glass Tables From Below

Cats On Glass Tables

One of the more fun internet cat meme phenomenas to pleasure our workday distraction is Cats On Glass. That includes (but not limited to): Cats on glass tables, cats on glass skylights, cats on glass sunroofs, and just any cat on any glass. Seeing a cat from below is not a perverted thing, but a different way of viewing cats.
Cats On Glass Tables

Cat comfortable sitting on top of a skylight

The cat above on top of the skylight is enjoying his afternoon nap suspended over a virtual void. As you can see the cat has no fear of falling through glass as he understands is physical constructs.
Cats On Glass Tables

Kitty Cat On Glass Table

This cute little on a glass table seems to be showing off his little pinkish paws. His tongue out is a sign of being content with his beloved glass surface.
Cats on glass tables


This silly cat appears to have smooshed itself glass table, making it looks like its flattened his or her underside.


Scenario: You’re a funny looking cat and its hot it. You wanna lay down on something cool so you plop down on some smooth cool glass for a delightful nap and photo sesh with you human.
Cat on glass table


Another napping cat, rests their paws in a deep relaxed state. It would be very difficult to not be jealous of the glorious cat.


This is what it looks like when a cat sits on  your face. They won’t even look at you while they do it as you are not worthy. This is usually the time when you give into their commands.


This beautiful creature is busy staring at a bird while set atop a skylight. The view from the skylight must be amazing.   You can also check out more cats on my tumblr My facebook: Twitter:!/Cats_On_Things Instagram:

Cats On Buzzfeed, Silly Cat Memes And Cat Pictures

Cats On Buzzfeed

If you have come to this blog, you know that cats are the most incredible creatures on earth. They can sit on your lap and purr until they drool all over you. They are always weary of closed doors and then become indifferent when you open it for them. And when you’re real sad, they’re are there to make you giggle on the inside. Lately it seems that Buzzfeed (, has taken market corner on silly cat pictures. We all love Cats On Buzzfeed because every buzzfeed article has several cats doing similar things, and those things are almost always hilarious. If you love cats on buzzfeed articles, you will love our tumblr! – We update our tumblr once to twice a day with beautiful cats, funny cats, cats that make you lol, and cats just being strange little creatures.

 Winter is coming: Cat in winter clothing!

Cats On Buzzfeed

Cat in winter clothing sitting on a mound of snow.

This particular cat is dressed to impress some snow friends. Although his friends have no shown up yet, they will be there eventually, when he makes them. If you look closely the cat is not moving in order to fully enjoy his protected outdoor snow experience. Im pretty sure this cat will be one of the more popular cat images in November, when everyone starts complaining about the cold.
Cats On Buzzfeed

This cat decided to take a nap in the bbq. Its a great place if you have the same logic as a cat.

  If you have every owned a cat or hung out with someone who has owned a cat, you would know that cats will sleep anywhere they please because cat inherently do whatever the F- they want, when they want.
Cats on buzzfeed cookie

Cat In A Cookie Container Clawing

This cat has instructed itself to become an almond cookie, or several almond cookies. In a lapse to realize that he was suppose to be a cookie, he went with his instincts to friendly claw his human. It is unknown if this human realizes these almond cookies are indeed a cat. He should definitely bring this cat the cheese, milk, and tuna she deserves.   Feel free to follow us on instagram, twitter, tumblr and facebook.  

Gifts for cat lovers, the best gifts you can buy for your cat lover friends

Gifts for cat lovers!

Gifts for cat lovers

Cats and the internet go together like a cat person and their respective cat. If your are looking for gifts for cat lovers, you found the best possible place ever. Let’s say you find an item you like on our site but you want to change or tweak something about it, you may. Change anything you like, place a picture of your cat’s face, write a message to your mom. The possibilities are infinite.
gifts for cat lovers

Cat face sweatshirt

Cat gifts

Looking for a gift for your cat lover friends. Look no further, we have all sorts of gifts for cat lovers in our customizable product store. Although we highly encourage placing cats on your items, you can really put anything your feel like. Why not get a cat disc golf disc that you can throw around with your friends. A cat iphone 4 case to show off your friends and family.  A cat samsung galaxy case for your android needs. A cat computer sleeve for your apple macbook and macbook pro.
gifts for cat lovers

amaro kitty dress – gifts for cat lovers

  At Cats On Things you can get so many items. Perhaps a cat e reader case for your ipad or kindle. Cat apparel to show off at work, school, or your favorite event. A cat t-shirt to identify yourself as super duper cool and trend forward. A furry cat scarf for those cold days where your neck gets so cold only a cat printed scarf can warm your neck and soul. A cat greeting card for mothers day, fathers day, christmas, and other religious or non reloigious holiday. A cat blanket to cover yourself up on those days where the only thing that can make you happier than snuggling with a cat is snuggling with a cat blanket. A cat longboard skateboard so people know that you mean business and to get out of the way of your super stylish shredding. A cat towel that you’ll never want to forget as everyone needs a towel at all times since you’ll never know when you’ll need it. Cat bed sheets that are perfect to accent any trendsetter’s room and guest room. We all need these products, and why not be able to customize them.  You can place your name, your cat’s name or even your friend’s dad.
gifts for cat lovers 2 cat mug

gifts for cat lovers 2 cat mug

Cat Lovers

If you are as much of a cat lover and a bottle drinker as we are here at Cats On Things, then you will definitely need to have one of our fun and creative cat bottle koozie sleeves. Check out the lord of the rings cat beer koozie below. Note the ring in the cookie jar.
gifts for cat lovers cat beer koozie bottle

gifts for cat lovers cat beer koozie bottle

Cat Skateboards

A favorite gift for your cat lover friend that also skateboards is a longboard with their own cat on it. This cat lover skateboard is made for anyone who like to ride around in style. Let the world know how super cool and trendy you are by literally rolling up with a cat.


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Trump your cat, pictures of cats that have Donald Trump hair styles.

Trump your cat

If you own a cat and have an opinion about Dolan Trump, it’s time to trump your cat, everybody’s doing it. According to Donald Twump (Elmer fudded it), cats are just like Mexicans, lazy tuna loving rapists on welfare. It’s time for retaliation, and who knows better than your cat. How to trump your cat. Step 1: Brush your cat. Step 2: Take fur from brush and place on top of head. Step 3: Take picture and hashtag #trumpyourcat Step 4: Call your dad and tell him, he will be proud and forget about how you let him down with all of your life choices.
Trump your cat

Donald Trump Cats

Trump your cat


150714204025-moos-trump-your-cat-meme-erin-00000918-large-169 trumpyourcat donald-trump-cat

Cats, the best and most funny pictures of cats and cat pics. Time to lol.


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Happy Caturday

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cat picture blog – Funniest cat pictures for you and your cat

Cat picture blog

Cat picture blog Cats on things has the best in personalized products for your cat life. When you follow cats on things, it’s caturday everyday. No more sifting around the internet, seeing the same ole’ boring cat picture. We got you covered so you can enjoy your life, your friends, which we all know are cats.
cat picture blog

wet cat, funny cat, lol cat, silly cat bathing

If you’re ever feeling sad and lonely, just look at some cat pictures. All cat pictures are bona fied cage-free, free range and ready for guilt-free enjoyment. Wherever you are in the world, what ever you are doing. Stop. Think, and just look at some cat pictures. Check out our tumblr