Cats on Things is a one-stop shop for creating amazing cat related customized products. That’s a long way of saying, PUT CATZ ON YOUR STUFFZ! :)

Who We Are

We are a small group based in San Diego, CA, and we love everything about cats winning the internet. We found it hard to find a trustworthy, professional, easy place to make your own cat gear, so with many decades of web development experience between us and other businesses in custom-printed products, we gave birth to a shiny new intercative cyber page – err “website”.

Design Your Own Right Meow.

From wall art and canvas prints to skateboards to mugs, we’ve got the gear to live the good life. What makes it better. Your cats on it. Real cats or internet cats, doesn’t matter, if you love em, it’s time to let them brighten your day on a regular basis IRL (in the REAL WORLDZ). Are you ready to haz the stuff that makes people look twice and laugh? Are you ready to immortalize your pet in full color printed beauty? Of course you are! And honestly, it’s going to be even better than you can imagine when you actually hold your creations in your hands or hang them up. The first time we received our first product (in our case it was a mini skateboard with a cat with lasers coming out of it’s eyes towering like godzilla), we were blown away. Now, you have the easy app to create yours right meow!